Hello and welcome to my blog, my name is Michaela Clement and I have been a professional hairdresser for the past ten years. I got the inspiration to start my personal blog about hairstyles from my clients because they always had so many questions and I wanted to create a place where they can find all the answers they need. Most people have the same questions and in order to avoid answering the same question a thousand times, I will just answer them here. This blog isn’t only about your questions, I also wanted to share some of my hairdressing secrets and tips that will help you have the perfect hairstyle.

People often tend to have difficulty finding the perfect hairstyle for them and it can be very frustrating if you are stuck in a loop and you just cannot find the right fit. Well, there are various solutions to that problem and if you want to find out how to solve that issue, I suggest you dive into my blog posts because there are various helpful articles that hold the answer. With the experience that I have, I feel like I’m the perfect person to give people these types of advices. I have worked with various types of clients during these ten years working as a hairdresser now I understand what my client desires. A lot of rookies will have the issue of providing their customers with the service they want, being in the hairstyling business, it is very important that you always have satisfied customers. I hope that this blog will help you find a solution to your issues and questions about hairstyles. Of course, I will be keeping a close eye on the feedback on this blog to see what new questions you might have for me.