Betty Page Haircut For a Rockabilly Girl


Betty page, the pinup queen
The above cartoon is the perfect example of a Rockabilly Girl's 
sexy yet tough attitude

1. Haircut

2.  Curling 
3. Front  
4. Back  

Short Hair        

Betty Page Haircut


  Bettie Page tattoo, very rockabilly
Betty Page tattoo (bare breast not shown in this pic - sorry!)


  Rockabilly girl with a Bettie Page hairstyle
Example of a modern Rockabilly Girl with a Betty Page-homage cut.

With short bangs (to show off her forehead) and hair down past her shoulders, this Betty Page was a blue-eyed, wavy-haired brunette who was the most famous models of the 1940s.  She was a combination of girl-next-door freshness and dangerous sensuality.  Betty Page is still alive and hopes to live to 100.  Betty Page used the name Betty, but many photos and films referred to her as Betty Page, so Betty and Betty are basically interchangeable.  Betty was born in 1923 in Nashville on April 22nd, is 4-5.5" tall, weighed 130, and was 36-23-35.  

As an homage to the 1950s model, many Rockabilly Girls wear the Betty Page haircut, although modified by having shorter hair in the back.

If you want more details, here's a link to the top Betty Page websites.

Great pinups, plus pictures of Betty Page at the bottom.

Betty Page was known for her spanking and bondage photos.

Example of a Betty Page hairstyle, very rockabilly girl

Modern singer with a Betty Page hairstyle.




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