Rockabilly Hairstyle For Men





Rockabilly hairstyle for men - the pompadour

The above photo is of Elvis's pompadour with no part vs. Sinatra's slicked back with a part

Except for this above Elvis picture, all the pictures here are of Sinatra because he wore his hair several different ways and thus is a good example model.  Plus, Sinatra is cool!
Frank Sinatra's haircut
Pompadour, parted, messed up a bit 

Rockabilly Hairstyles     
1. Haircut
2.  Curling  
3. Front  
4. Back  

Short Hair         

Bettie Page Haircut

Slicked back hair is a rockabilly hairstyle for men
Slicked back, not parted

Parted and slicked back hair from the 1940's
Parted, slicked back

Pompadour is a rockabilly hairstyle for men

Pompadour, not parted.
Note that Gene Kelly has slicked back hair, not parted


The cut

  • Long on top

  • Short (really short) on the sides and back

  • If you are going for a pompadour instead of a more conservative look, tell your barber that fact - the pompadour has got a different cut.

The styling

The rockabilly hairstyle for men is usually slicked back with a lot of grease. The choices then are:

  • Parted or not parted

  • Slicked back or pompador

  • If it's a pompadour, you can have it regular, or messed up a bit

If you have trouble getting the grease out of your hair,  use Dax Vegetable Shampoo or even dish washing liquid.


How to make a pompadour, technique #1:

Once you get the hang of it, you can create your pompadour in 5 minutes.

Hairdryer method: 

  • Straight out of the shower, put in a little gel and blow-dry it straight back. The trick to getting real height is to get some gel at the roots and blow dry it upside down, while bending over.  

  • Once itís standing high, use beeswax or another firm holding gel (beeswax is hard to wash out)

  • Throw a little hairdressing in the front so it moves. 

Parted pompadour
Pompadour, parted

How to make a pompadour, technique #2, the strictly greasy method:

  • Wash hair
  • Grease up hair with pomade.
  • Comb back.  Part if needed.
  • When combing back on the pompadour part, push slightly forward near the front to get lift.  Comb lightly in the back to blend it in.  Never comb the front straight back (always up).

  • The front should taper to the back (from the side it will look like a wedge).

  • Comb the sides back.

  • With practice, this procedure gets much easier.

  • Your pompadour - a great rockabilly hairstyle for men - looks terrific!


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