Rockabilly Tattoos - All About 'Em


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Rockabilly Hairstyles     
1. Haircut
2.  Curling  
3. Front  
4. Back  

Short Hair         

Bettie Page Haircut

Great shading and ink styling

Pretty 1950s lady

Common motif with rockabilly tattoos

Feel the rockabilly music!

Rockabilly Tattoos - Then and Now

In the 40s and 50s, tattoos were basically done with black ink, no shading, and faded over time.  Some rockabilly tattoos keep this concept, but most use the new colors, shading techniques, and permanent dyes that are available.

Motifs of Rockabilly Tattoos

  • The pinup girl is a traditional rockabilly tattoo, and many have updated it with colors, shading, and adding other elements (see the other motifs below)

  • Dice

  • Martinis

  • Hot Rods

  • Flames

  • Cards (usually Aces)

  • Pool balls (usually the 8 ball)

  • Other more unusual motifs are barbershop poles, combs, boots, high heels, fishnets, silk stockings with garters, hairstyles (both the men's pompadour and women's rockabilly hairstyles), hula skirts, hoops, and coconut bras, men's and women's sunglasses, cowboys and cowgirls, guitars, upright string basses, microphones, bowling pins, balls, and shoes, bicycles, lipsticks, and phones.

  • Rockabilly girls often have swallows, nautical stars or cherries.

A real hard core set of rockabilly tattoos

Old style pinup girl tattoo

Martinis cards and dice

Great ink on this one



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