Top 10 Short Blonde Hair Ideas for a Chic Look in 2023

Platinum Blonde

Just because you have short hair it doesn’t mean that you cannot apply some sexy blonde hairstyles that people with long hair use to make their hair stand out. Short hair can be just as beautiful if you have the right idea. Well, if you are searching for a new idea for your short hair then you are in the right place, my first suggestion would be to go with a platinum blonde hair color. This is a very unique color and if you compare it with regular blonde, you can see what I ‘am talking about.

Blonde with Rose Gold Highlights

Sometimes getting your hair shortened is the right way to go especially in 2019 where short hair is coming back. There are various sexy blonde haircuts that you can choose from and I like almost all of them. Of course, the key is to make the right decision about the type of blonde that you want. If you are bored of being just another blonde and you are looking for something special, then I definitely suggest the blonde color combined with a rose gold highlights.

Caramel Blonde

If you are looking for that special and unique look with short hair, then you can try out the caramel blonde combination. This is especially good for women who don’t want to damage their hair with bleach. If you have natural brown toned hair, then this might be the best option for you.

A Pixie Cut

I know that some of you want some tips on what hairstyle to choose and I won’t let you down either. My first suggestion would be to go with the very popular Pixie cut because it is just a very brave move that will shock a lot of people.

French Bob

For a more modern hairstyle that has a twist in it, there isn’t a better option than getting a French Bob hairstyle. You won’t need to lose a lot of hair for this hairstyle and that’s why so many women choose this. It is very easy going back to longer hairstyle in just one year.

Champagne Blonde

Another great choice is to go with the Champagne blonde color because it is quite different from the regular blonde and it will draw a lot of attention.

Buttery Blonde

This hair color is recommended for people with darker natural hair color because it is easier to pull off.

Brassy Blonde

This one is also best suited for women with darker hair color, you don’t need to put your hair through a lot of stress just to be blonde, you can just find the type of blonde that is best for you.

Asymmetrical Bob

You can see this hairstyle on a lot of celebrities with short hair because it is an easy way of highlighting your good side.

Peachy Blonde

If you like colors like red and orange, then I can strongly recommend that you look up the Peachy blonde combination.


Top 10 Countries with Most Beautiful Hairstyles In The World


A lot of people have been asking me if people in different places on earth have the same hair and the answer is quite simple, no they don’t have the same type of hair. What I mean is that in some countries, women have a lot of issues with hair and in other countries, there are women with beautiful hair. That’s why I decided to create this article and start with the country that definitely has the most beautiful hairstyles and that is Sweden. If you ever been to Sweden then you would agree with me completely, not only they are known for the perfect blonde hair, but also, they have very healthy hair which makes a perfect combination because usually, blonde hair is difficult to maintain.


This might be a small county and you might never have heard of it before, but I can assure you they have some of the most beautiful hair. Just like Sweden, they are known for their blond hairs. Of course, I ‘am not saying that only blonde hair is beautiful, but for us,

it is not that common to see people with natural blonde hair.


If you have ever watched any Spanish TV show then you already know how the women there are beautiful, not only they are blessed with a beautiful and flawless face, but they also have healthy hair which is very important.


Many people don’t realize this unless they see it in person, but Japanese women have beautiful hair. They mostly like the short hairstyles, but when they decide to let it grow long, you can see that they have great genes.


We can all agree that Russian women are beautiful and one of the things that help them achieve that beauty is their hair.


In France, not only women have beautiful hair, but men also, that’s why I think they should be included in this list.


If you have some Italian genes, then you should have perfectly healthy hair because Italians are known for their beautiful women and that unique strong hair.


Women from the Philippines are not only outstandingly beautiful, but they also have extremely strong hair that is very durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Many people wish they have hair like the Philippine women.


Women always trying to find new hairstyles and most of the times they get inspired from other cultures and countries, this why so many hairstyles that you know today are actually from India.


Chinese women might have a special thing for short hair, but because of that, they have invented thousands of new hairstyles for short hair. Now if you cut your hair just look up some Chinese hairstyles.


Unique and Expensive Hollywood Hairstyles

There are various hairstyles that you can choose from and that’s why it is so difficult to find one that you like and that fits you. Of course, even if you get a haircut and the style isn’t best for you, there are ways to pull it off or even to change it. One of the most asked questions that I get all the time from customers is what hairstyle I recommend to them and unfortunately, I cannot give them an answer all the time because even I cannot know for sure what they like. There were few times some customers coming in with a request of a Hollywood hair style and when I told them the price of that hairstyle they were shocked and immediately changed their mind. Why this happens, I don’t know, maybe people don’t think that a hairstyle can be worth that much money. This article is specially designed to find information about these Hollywood styles.

High Maintenance

In order to look like one of your favorite singers or actors, you will have to make your hair look the same and that should be one of the first steps. However, when people realize how much it costs to get and maintain that hairstyle, they back off. There is a very good reason why they are called Hollywood hairstyles, they are designed by some of the best professional hairdressers in the world for very important and famous people. Not only that, but these hairstyles mostly require a lot of attention and maintenance. When regular people go to a hairdresser, they won’t go again for at least the next three weeks. There are women who visit their hairdresser only five times a year because it is very easy to maintain their hairstyle.  Well, this is something completely different, most Hollywood hairstyles are very high maintenance and that is the reason why they cost a lot of money. To look that good, you have to pay a lot of money and to the right person.

Vintage Finger Waves

I decided to talk about this particular hairstyle because I think that a lot of women would like to have a hair like that, but unfortunately, that is not possible for everyone. Not only it is a lot of money to maintain it, but also not every hairdresser can give you this hairstyle the right way. They might say that they can do it, but it is more likely they are just going to try and mimic the look. What the problem with that is that they are using different techniques to achieve the look and that’s why all of those attempts fail, and the customers are never satisfied. My advice for you if you really want this hairstyle or some other Hollywood look, is to first find a hairdresser who you trust can do this. Find someone with a lot of experience and most importantly you have to love the work they are doing.


10 Punk Rock Hairstyles for Long Hair

Best of Both Worlds

Well, this hairstyle might have a very unique name and you might not get it immediately but let me introduce it to you. What this hairstyle represents is actually having two completely different colors on your head. Not combining two colors but splitting the colors right at the middle of your head. If you really want to have one of the girl rock hairstyles or a punk hairstyle, then you must consider this one because you can have your regular black color on one side and some crazy bright color on the other. It is your choice to choose the color variations but using this technique to color your hair takes a lot of skills actually because you want to have a perfect split in the middle.

70’s Mohawk

This type of hairstyle is definitely more common amongst people who listen to rock and punk music and even you know how it looks. However, I decided to recommend the 70’s mohawk specifically because I think that the Mohawk from that time was the best.


This hairstyle is very similar to a regular mohawk, but what makes it unique is that it allows the person to play with a lot more things.

Neon Peacock

If you listen to a lot of punk and rock music, you will want to change your hairstyle accordingly, of course, nobody will push you to do it, but with an option like this, you will want to do it. What I suggest here is to use the neon Peacock hairstyle.

Lady Hawk

If you don’t feel like going for a regular mohawk and you want to be more feminine, then you can try out the lady hawk.

Fashion Rocker

This hairstyle is a very slick one, you can do it with short or long hair, depending on the length you can experiment with the look.


We all know what dreads are and I think there is no need for me to explain why this is considered a punk and rock hairstyle.

Fire Goddess

This hairstyle requires a quite long hair and to have a light natural color to begin with and choose a perfect red color that is in most cases very bright.

Purple Fluro

This is actually a very popular color if you want a punk/rock hairstyle because it will glow in the day and in the night.

Faded Glory

You can achieve this hairstyle with various color combinations, they key is to get the faded look.

8 Hairstyle Tips Perfect for Plus Size Women

Being a plus sized women doesn’t mean that you cannot pull off any hairstyle, it just means that you need to do it the right way. There are a lot of women with this issue if you don’t know what hairstyle to get try searching online for plus size models hairstyles. Most plus size women are choosing to go with a short hairstyle and that is because they have difficulty maintaining long hair. The reason for that is because their hair will get the oily look much faster and they need to wash it almost every day to maintain the look they want to have. Here are some very helpful tips for choosing and maintaining a hairstyle if you are a plus size women.

Be Brave

As mentioned before, nothing is stopping you from getting the hairstyle that you are dreaming of, even if you have some more extra weight. Of course, there are some hairstyles that will make you look even more fat, but there are some tricks to avoid that. If you decide to get one of those hairstyles, make sure to consult with your hairdresser about how to avoid looking even more fat with that hairstyle, they should be able to give you some tips.

Draw Attention

Just because you are overweight, it doesn’t mean that you should hide from the public, in fact, you should feel comfortable and draw attention to yourself just like any other women does. Therefore, going with some bright color might be a good idea.

As mentioned before, you don’t need to cut your hair short just because you have weight issues, in fact, try growing it out and go with one long hairstyle instead to make a difference.

Avoid Bangs

Bangs are good for people who are skinny, this will not be the best option for overweight people, once again, you can go with any hairstyle, but this one you should think about twice.

A-Line Bob

This is a great choice because it can cover some of the unwanted areas of your neck and cheeks.

Get Highlights

If you are lost and don’t know what type of change to do to your hairstyle, then going with some highlights might be a perfect choice. The best thing about this is that you can do highlights with almost every hair color, you just need to find a good hairdresser who can do it the right way.

Go with the Waves

Another great tip that I actually got from one of my close friends is to go with some waves because it gives you a whole new look if you had straight hair before. Of course, you will need long hair for this.

Think Fringe

If you really want to keep the length to your hair and you still want a change, then maybe fringe is the way to go. However, avoid a blunt and dull fringe because that will only make your face look bigger.

Very Short Flat-top Haircut for Women

As a woman, our hair is one of the things that get quite a lot of attention. That’s why the majority of women prefer to have long hairstyles that will get notices from a mile away. However, that’s not all, you don’t need to have extra-long hair to get the attention, you can achieve that also with very short hair. There are various creative haircuts that you can get with a short-styled hair and a lot of them will draw attention to you because men are used to seeing women with long hair. I personally think that short hair is coming back for women in 2018. If you don’t believe me, then just take a look around you and you will see a lot of women who have changed their appearance just by cutting their hair.

Some women find it very difficult to cut their long hair off and because they are too used to having it. If you never had a short hairstyle, then this will be a very scary thing for you the first time, but I promise that you will love it. That’s how it went for me too, I always loved long hair, but one day decided to make a change and cut my hair to a very short flat-top haircut which is a huge difference, and everything went just perfect. Here in this article, you will be able to find out more about these short flat-top haircuts, so if you are interested in getting one, I suggest you read this article first.

Low maintenance

Having long hair comes with various responsibilities and it is just a pain to maintain it. If you had long hair for few years, then washing it and taking care of it just to maintain the health of the hair will get on your nerves and you will want to change to a short hairstyle and that is completely normal. More importantly, I can assure you as a professional and a person who has experienced this first hand that this type of hairstyle requires almost no maintenance whatsoever. One of the things that you will need to do is cut it regularly if you want to keep one look because with the very short hairstyle you can see the difference when the hair grows just 1 cm and it can be annoying. Other than that, you don’t really need to do much more.

One of the great benefits is that you don’t need to wash your hair every other day, but even if you decide to wash it every single day, which I don’t recommend, you won’t have to deal with drying it for the next four hours. Short hair like that can be dry in just a few minutes with a single towel. You can use that extra time for something else now, for example, if you are going out, you don’t have to wash your hair in the morning to be ready for the night, you can actually do it few hours before you go out and it will be completely dry.


How to Get the Best Out of Your Hairstyle

We all know that having a specific hairstyle requires a lot of time and attention to maintain it. Usually, with long hairstyles, this is more difficult because after a night of sleeping when you wake up, you won’t look anything like the people from your favorite shows that’s why I think women’s flat top haircut isn’t a bad choice. You might have the potential to look like them, but your hair just won’t allow that to happen and that’s why it is so frustrating to have long hair. Of course, there are some semi-permanent solutions that might help you fix this issue, but even those solutions won’t last forever. Your hair is constantly growing, and it will change as time goes by, so even if you cut your hair short, if you don’t maintain it for the next three weeks, it will not look good.

A lot of women want to know what they need to do in order to get the best out of their hairstyle and to have perfect hair every single day. Well, I might not give you a specific tip for your hairstyle, but you can sure use these tips to make your life easier. These are some of the things that I always recommend to my customers because they ask me this question all the time.

Regular Visits to a Hairdresser

I’m not saying this because I want people to go to a hair salon more often, it is just simply a very useful tip that will help you get a hairstyle that you want. Going to a hair salon once every three months and not being satisfied with your hairstyle is a very common deal and the reason is that you are not going to your professional hairdresser enough times. After three weeks without any professional care and maintenance, your hairstyle will change, and it will not look the same as the day you left the salon. If you wish to maintain that original look that you fall in love with, then I strongly suggest that you visit your hairdresser at least once every three weeks.

Don’t Wash it too Often

A huge mistake that a lot of women do all the time is they start washing their hair every single day because they feel it is dirty or they don’t like it when it is not freshly washed. Well, let me explain to you all why this is a bad thing, first of all, your hair will start to produce much more oil because it will constantly be dry from all the washing. This means that at the end of the day you will have an oily hair and that is simply because you have been washing it every day. It is very difficult to get your hair back on track after that, that’s why you need to make sure not to make that mistake. Washing your hair every three days is what I personally recommend if you really feel dirty. However, four or even five days are doable, but no more than that because after that things can get really unhygienic.


Two Toned Hair: 15 Colorful Two Tone Hairstyles You Need To Try

Ombre Twist

Your hairstyle is something that can make your appearance unique that’s why you need to try and find new ways to stun people. I suggest trying out a two-toned ombre combined with a little twist. Make sure to keep those twists small, you don’t need to curl up your hair completely. There are also some two toned blonde hairstyles that can look good with ombre

Pixie Cut

There are not many hairstyles that you can apply the two-toned hair method, but the pixie cut is one of them. It is perfect if you are one of those people who have short hair.

A Bun

You might not realize this, but the two-toned method can be easily applied with the simplest hairstyle and that is a bun.

Kinky Curls

Of course, this is a hairstyle that not many people can pull off because it requires a hair that is naturally curly. However, if you are one of the lucky ones, you will have a great look.

Neon Combinations

Two Toned color combination is mostly used with the same color just different tone, but you can go to extremes and create a drastic difference between the two tones using some neon colors.

Red Tones

Red is the color that you should be combining when looking for a two-toned combination because it goes perfectly with both dark and light hair.

Side Shave Cut

If you prefer short hair, then the side shave cut is perfect for a two-toned combination because it gives you various options to play with.

Rose Gold

Combining your natural color with one that stands out might be the perfect combination, in this instance, try the rose gold combination if you have dark brown natural color.

French Braid

This hairstyle is more for women who have long hair and who actually have the time to make the French braid, but once it is done, it looks perfect with two different tones.


We all know that not everyone can have this hairstyle, but if you can, then it can be an ideal way to use a two-toned color combination

Regular Ombre

I just cannot go further on this list without mentioning the best and easiest option of them all and that is the regular ombre that will make your hair look very sexy.

Temporary Color

In some cases when you are not completely sure if you are ready for this change, you can use some temporary colors to experiment and see if you like it or not.

Two Toned LOB

Using an unexpected color combination for your Lob might be the answer to all of your two-toned questions.

Two Toned Pigtails

If you are into pigtails, then maybe coloring them in different colors is a fun idea that will surprise all of your friends and if you are not sure just use a temporary color.

Angled Bob

An angled bob can look great on almost anyone, especially if you combine with the two-toned method for the best results.


Tips for Choosing Your Next Hairstyle

A problem that every woman has faced in their life and a problem cannot be answered easily and that is what hairstyle to get next. Luckily this is a decision that you don’t have to make every single day, usually, people want to change their hairstyle after a few years when they get bored with the same look. With some people, this happens more often but even then, it is not a daily decision. Now, I know you are all here to find an answer to your question and I will help you do that, but I cannot give you the answer which hairstyle to get exactly. However, what I can do is give you my professional tips on how to make that decision. I tell this to every customer that comes in my hair salon and after that, they never have the same problem ever again.

Follow the Trends

What I would suggest like the number one option if you really have no idea of what hairstyle to get is to go online and search for the latest hairstyle trends. Following the trends is one of the easiest things that you can do and more importantly, you will look good because it won’t be a hairstyle that other people find strange or funny. The hairstyles that are trendy are always very popular and the reason for that is very simple, a lot of people are doing the same exact thing and they follow the trend and just like that the hairstyle is getting more and more popular until a new one arises and it starts all over.

You don’t have to worry if you get a hairstyle and a new trendier one appears, you don’t have to change immediately, go with the one that you have until you feel like you are ready for a change. Me personally, I don’t like to change my hairstyle that often, but there is always a time when I just simply get bored of looking at the same thing, especially because I am a hairdresser.

Ask for Recommendations

If you don’t want to be one of those people who always follow the trend and jump on every new thing that gets popular, then what you can do to choose the next hairstyle is to simply ask a professional hairstylist for a recommendation. They have a lot of experience and knowledge about hairstyles and when they look at you, they will have the answer for you. Of course, it is on you if you will follow their advice or not.