10 Punk Rock Hairstyles for Long Hair

Best of Both Worlds

Well, this hairstyle might have a very unique name and you might not get it immediately but let me introduce it to you. What this hairstyle represents is actually having two completely different colors on your head. Not combining two colors but splitting the colors right at the middle of your head. If you really want to have one of the girl rock hairstyles or a punk hairstyle, then you must consider this one because you can have your regular black color on one side and some crazy bright color on the other. It is your choice to choose the color variations but using this technique to color your hair takes a lot of skills actually because you want to have a perfect split in the middle.

70’s Mohawk

This type of hairstyle is definitely more common amongst people who listen to rock and punk music and even you know how it looks. However, I decided to recommend the 70’s mohawk specifically because I think that the Mohawk from that time was the best.


This hairstyle is very similar to a regular mohawk, but what makes it unique is that it allows the person to play with a lot more things.

Neon Peacock

If you listen to a lot of punk and rock music, you will want to change your hairstyle accordingly, of course, nobody will push you to do it, but with an option like this, you will want to do it. What I suggest here is to use the neon Peacock hairstyle.

Lady Hawk

If you don’t feel like going for a regular mohawk and you want to be more feminine, then you can try out the lady hawk.

Fashion Rocker

This hairstyle is a very slick one, you can do it with short or long hair, depending on the length you can experiment with the look.


We all know what dreads are and I think there is no need for me to explain why this is considered a punk and rock hairstyle.

Fire Goddess

This hairstyle requires a quite long hair and to have a light natural color to begin with and choose a perfect red color that is in most cases very bright.

Purple Fluro

This is actually a very popular color if you want a punk/rock hairstyle because it will glow in the day and in the night.

Faded Glory

You can achieve this hairstyle with various color combinations, they key is to get the faded look.

Michaela Clement