20 Stylish Ways to Wear the Blunt Haircut

The blunt haircut has stood the test of time, remaining a favorite among many women worldwide. Whether your tresses are straight, curly, or somewhere in between, the blunt cut offers a versatile canvas for styling. In this blog, we’ll explore 20 trendy hairstyle ideas for every hair texture, showcasing the timeless appeal of the blunt haircut. Be ready to be mesmerized by this chic and classic look all over again.

What is Blunt Haircut?

The blunt haircut is a trendy haircut with a straight-line haircutting technique. This cut is achieved by trimming the hair straight across, resulting in a sharp and edgy look.

It works best for those with thick hair and accentuates facial features while adding definition. The blunt cut is a low-maintenance and versatile haircut that can be worn in various lengths.

Long Blunt Cut for a Trendy and Edgy look

A long blunt cut is a timeless hairstyle that can give your straight hair a chic and edgy look. With blunt-cut long hair, the ends are trimmed straight across, creating a sharp and bold appearance.

This style works best on those with long hair and straight locks, and it’s perfect for those who want to keep their hair sleek and easy to maintain.

Lob Blunt Cut on Blonde Hair

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Medium Length Blunt Cut – A Fashion-forward Choice

The medium-length blunt cut is perfect for any face shape, providing a timeless look. A blunt lob cut can offer a sleek appearance while maintaining volume, and a blonde blunt cut can add dimension to the style.

This versatile cut is easy to maintain and can be styled in distinct ways, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

Medium Length Blunt Cut on Dark Wavy Hair

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Blunt Hair Cut with Bangs for a Confident and Fashion-savvy Style

The blunt haircut with bangs is a trendy look that combines the classic bob with bangs and blunt ends. It’s a versatile style that can be customized to suit different face shapes & hair textures. Adding side-swept bangs can further accentuate the features, giving a chic and sophisticated appearance.

Blunt Hair Cut with Curtain Bang

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Bring out Your Inner Fashionista with a Short Blunt Cut

The short blunt cut is a versatile hairstyle that suits various facial features. Short haircuts are easy to maintain, and when combined with a blunt style, they create a chic and modern look.

The sharp ends of the hair give a clean appearance, making it a popular choice for women with busy lifestyles.

Short Bob Blunt Cut on Red Hair

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Soft blunt cuts for a Chic and Timeless Look

Soft blunt cuts are an excellent option for shoulder-length hair textures, particularly those with natural hair.

This trendy hairstyle creates a straight edge while keeping the hair ends slightly textured and relaxed. It adds volume and movement to the hair, making it look fuller and healthier.

Soft blunt cuts are perfect for those who want a low-maintenance yet chic hairstyle that can be easily styled.

Soft Blunt Cut on Short Dark Hair

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Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs for a Futuristic and Avantgarde Hairstyle

The blunt bob cut has been in style for a while now, and adding curtain bangs takes it to a whole new level. A short bob cut with curtain bangs frames the face perfectly, giving a fresh and chic look.

The neck-length blunt cut gives a structured and bold feel. Combining these three elements is a timeless style that suits any face shape and hair texture.

Blunt Bob with Curtain Bang

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Add a Touch of Elegance with Blunt Haircut for Fine Hair

For those with thinner hair, a long blunt haircut can work wonders. This style creates the illusion of fuller, thicker locks by eliminating wispy ends. A blunt bob for fine hair is another excellent option, as it adds structure and volume to otherwise flat hair.

Talk to your stylist about incorporating subtle layers for added movement and dimension.

Blunt Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

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Blunt Haircut for Thick Hair for a Sleek and Modern Look

Thick hair type can be challenging to manage, but a blunt cut hairstyle can make it easier to style. A chin-length bob is a classic option for a blunt cut that can complement the thickness of the hair.

The straight, clean lines of the cut make it easy to maintain and style while adding volume and texture. Whether you prefer a sleek or tousled style, a blunt cut can work wonders for thick hair.

Blunt Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

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Blunt Haircut for Wavy Hair for Unique and Individualistic Hairstyle

A blunt haircut can enhance the natural texture of wavy hair, especially when styled into a wavy bob with face-framing locks. This hairstyle is superb for those who want a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

The blunt cut creates a sleek and polished appearance, while the natural waves add movement and dimension. The blunt haircut for wavy hair is a chic and versatile option for any occasion.

Shoulder Length Blunt Haircut for Wavy Hair

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Get a Unique and Distinctive Hairstyle with Straight Blunt Hair

Blunt straight hair is a sleek, sophisticated hairstyle that never goes out of style. This look is characterized by sharp, thick-looking ends and a blunt fringe that frames the face.

To achieve this style, use a flat iron to straighten hair and trim the ends to create a blunt effect. For added texture, try adding subtle waves or curls. With these straight hair ideas, you can rock a chic and polished look all year round.

Short Blunt Haircut on Straight Hair

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Blunt Cut with Balayage for Flattering and Versatile Hair

A long blunt bob with balayage is a trendy hairstyle that can be styled in many ways. This look is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance cut with an added touch of dimension.

A middle part blunt bob creates a sleek and sophisticated look, while the balayage adds depth and texture. A hair artist can help you achieve this stylish cut. They can tailor the style to your face shape and hair texture.

Blunt Bob Cut with Balayage

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Blunt Cut with Beach Waves to Give you a Sophisticated and Chic Look

The blunt cut hairstyle is perfect for a modern and stylish look. Add beach waves to this classic cut to bring some texture & movement to the tresses.

Achieving this look is easy with sea salt spray, which adds volume and a tousled effect to your hair. With the right products & techniques, you can effortlessly rock a chic, beachy blunt cut with beautiful waves.

Blunt Bob Cut with Beach Waves

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Embrace Your Inner Fashion Icon with Asymmetrical Bob Cut

The blunt asymmetrical bob cut is a trendy hairstyle that flatters most face shapes. This sleek blunt cut features a shorter back and longer front, creating an angled shape that adds dimension and movement to your hair.

This versatile cut can be styled with a side or middle part and works well with straight or wavy hair textures. Whether you want to add an edge or refresh your style, the asymmetrical bob cut is a chic and low-maintenance option.

Blunt Asymmetrical Bob Cut on Blonde Hair

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Neck Length Blunt Cut to Showcase Your Fashion-forward Side

The neck-length blunt cut is ideal for thick hair texture and a straight look. This hairstyle provides a sharp and sleek appearance to your hair, while the blunt ends give an edgy vibe.

It requires minimum styling, making it perfect for a low-maintenance look. This versatile haircut suits most face shapes, making it a popular choice among women of all ages.

Neck Length Blunt Cut on Blonde Hair

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Blunt Bob Cut with Blue Highlights – A Cutting-edge and Modern Hairstyle

Are you looking for a bold and trendy hairstyle? Try the blunt bob cut with blue highlights! This edgy look combines a classic bob on black hair with eye-catching blue streaks.

The blunt cut bobs, featuring sharp ends, add a modern twist to the chin-length bob. This hairstyle is apt for those looking to stand out & make a statement with their hair.

Blunk Bob Cut with Blue Highlights

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Embrace Your Individuality with Blunt Cut with Money Piece

The Blunt Cut with Money Piece is a trendy hairstyle that features an extended blunt cut with a striking money piece. The money piece is a face-framing section dyed in contrasting colours to add depth and dimension to the style.

This look works best on thicker tresses and creates a sleek and modern vibe. Try this chic and low-maintenance style for a bold new look.

Blunt Bob Cut with Money Piece

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Blunt Cut for Women Over 50 for a Youthful Look

For women over 50 with grey hair, a blunt cut can be a modern, low-maintenance hairstyle option. A short bob cut is a chic choice that is easy to style and flatters a mature face shape.

This blunt haircut for women over 50 can add volume & dimension to fine hair while giving a youthful vibe. Embrace your silver locks with this stylish and age-appropriate haircut.

Older Woman with Blunt Bob Cut on Blonde Hair

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Get an Attention-grabbing Look Blunt Layered Cut

The blunt layered cut is a trendy hairstyle that complements shoulder-length blunt cuts and square face shapes. The cut features face-framing layers that add volume and dimension to the hair.

This edgy and modern style is perfect for those who want to add character to their look without sacrificing the length. Whether you’re attending a formal event or busy with everyday errands, the blunt layered cut is versatile and effortlessly chic.

Blunt Layered Bob Cut on Short Blonde Hair

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Side Part Blunt Cut for A Cool and Trendy Look

The side part blunt cut is a versatile hairstyle that effortlessly complements the oval face shape. This look can be achieved with a side-part bob cut and styled with straight or wavy hair.

The clean, sharp edges of the cut add definition to the face, while the side part adds dimension and balance. This style is low maintenance and perfect for a chic, polished look.

Side Part Blunt Bob Cut

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Express Your Unique Style with Rainbow Blunt Haircut

A blunt rainbow haircut is perfect for showing off your bold personality. This trendy haircut features blunt bobs and bangs, with colorful rainbow hair that adds an exciting pop of color to your look. It’s a fun and edgy style that will turn heads and make a statement.

Try it out and let your vibrant personality shine through!

Rainbow Blunt Bob Haircut

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