Top 10 Short Blonde Hair Ideas for a Chic Look in 2023

Platinum Blonde

Just because you have short hair it doesn’t mean that you cannot apply some sexy blonde hairstyles that people with long hair use to make their hair stand out. Short hair can be just as beautiful if you have the right idea. Well, if you are searching for a new idea for your short hair then you are in the right place, my first suggestion would be to go with a platinum blonde hair color. This is a very unique color and if you compare it with regular blonde, you can see what I ‘am talking about.

Blonde with Rose Gold Highlights

Sometimes getting your hair shortened is the right way to go especially in 2019 where short hair is coming back. There are various sexy blonde haircuts that you can choose from and I like almost all of them. Of course, the key is to make the right decision about the type of blonde that you want. If you are bored of being just another blonde and you are looking for something special, then I definitely suggest the blonde color combined with a rose gold highlights.

Caramel Blonde

If you are looking for that special and unique look with short hair, then you can try out the caramel blonde combination. This is especially good for women who don’t want to damage their hair with bleach. If you have natural brown toned hair, then this might be the best option for you.

A Pixie Cut

I know that some of you want some tips on what hairstyle to choose and I won’t let you down either. My first suggestion would be to go with the very popular Pixie cut because it is just a very brave move that will shock a lot of people.

French Bob

For a more modern hairstyle that has a twist in it, there isn’t a better option than getting a French Bob hairstyle. You won’t need to lose a lot of hair for this hairstyle and that’s why so many women choose this. It is very easy going back to longer hairstyle in just one year.

Champagne Blonde

Another great choice is to go with the Champagne blonde color because it is quite different from the regular blonde and it will draw a lot of attention.

Buttery Blonde

This hair color is recommended for people with darker natural hair color because it is easier to pull off.

Brassy Blonde

This one is also best suited for women with darker hair color, you don’t need to put your hair through a lot of stress just to be blonde, you can just find the type of blonde that is best for you.

Asymmetrical Bob

You can see this hairstyle on a lot of celebrities with short hair because it is an easy way of highlighting your good side.

Peachy Blonde

If you like colors like red and orange, then I can strongly recommend that you look up the Peachy blonde combination.


Michaela Clement