Unique and Expensive Hollywood Hairstyles

There are various hairstyles that you can choose from and that’s why it is so difficult to find one that you like and that fits you. Of course, even if you get a haircut and the style isn’t best for you, there are ways to pull it off or even to change it. One of the most asked questions that I get all the time from customers is what hairstyle I recommend to them and unfortunately, I cannot give them an answer all the time because even I cannot know for sure what they like. There were few times some customers coming in with a request of a Hollywood hair style and when I told them the price of that hairstyle they were shocked and immediately changed their mind. Why this happens, I don’t know, maybe people don’t think that a hairstyle can be worth that much money. This article is specially designed to find information about these Hollywood styles.

High Maintenance

In order to look like one of your favorite singers or actors, you will have to make your hair look the same and that should be one of the first steps. However, when people realize how much it costs to get and maintain that hairstyle, they back off. There is a very good reason why they are called Hollywood hairstyles, they are designed by some of the best professional hairdressers in the world for very important and famous people. Not only that, but these hairstyles mostly require a lot of attention and maintenance. When regular people go to a hairdresser, they won’t go again for at least the next three weeks. There are women who visit their hairdresser only five times a year because it is very easy to maintain their hairstyle.  Well, this is something completely different, most Hollywood hairstyles are very high maintenance and that is the reason why they cost a lot of money. To look that good, you have to pay a lot of money and to the right person.

Vintage Finger Waves

I decided to talk about this particular hairstyle because I think that a lot of women would like to have a hair like that, but unfortunately, that is not possible for everyone. Not only it is a lot of money to maintain it, but also not every hairdresser can give you this hairstyle the right way. They might say that they can do it, but it is more likely they are just going to try and mimic the look. What the problem with that is that they are using different techniques to achieve the look and that’s why all of those attempts fail, and the customers are never satisfied. My advice for you if you really want this hairstyle or some other Hollywood look, is to first find a hairdresser who you trust can do this. Find someone with a lot of experience and most importantly you have to love the work they are doing.


Michaela Clement