Two Toned Hair: 15 Colorful Two Tone Hairstyles You Need To Try

Ombre Twist

Your hairstyle is something that can make your appearance unique that’s why you need to try and find new ways to stun people. I suggest trying out a two-toned ombre combined with a little twist. Make sure to keep those twists small, you don’t need to curl up your hair completely. There are also some two toned blonde hairstyles that can look good with ombre

Pixie Cut

There are not many hairstyles that you can apply the two-toned hair method, but the pixie cut is one of them. It is perfect if you are one of those people who have short hair.

A Bun

You might not realize this, but the two-toned method can be easily applied with the simplest hairstyle and that is a bun.

Kinky Curls

Of course, this is a hairstyle that not many people can pull off because it requires a hair that is naturally curly. However, if you are one of the lucky ones, you will have a great look.

Neon Combinations

Two Toned color combination is mostly used with the same color just different tone, but you can go to extremes and create a drastic difference between the two tones using some neon colors.

Red Tones

Red is the color that you should be combining when looking for a two-toned combination because it goes perfectly with both dark and light hair.

Side Shave Cut

If you prefer short hair, then the side shave cut is perfect for a two-toned combination because it gives you various options to play with.

Rose Gold

Combining your natural color with one that stands out might be the perfect combination, in this instance, try the rose gold combination if you have dark brown natural color.

French Braid

This hairstyle is more for women who have long hair and who actually have the time to make the French braid, but once it is done, it looks perfect with two different tones.


We all know that not everyone can have this hairstyle, but if you can, then it can be an ideal way to use a two-toned color combination

Regular Ombre

I just cannot go further on this list without mentioning the best and easiest option of them all and that is the regular ombre that will make your hair look very sexy.

Temporary Color

In some cases when you are not completely sure if you are ready for this change, you can use some temporary colors to experiment and see if you like it or not.

Two Toned LOB

Using an unexpected color combination for your Lob might be the answer to all of your two-toned questions.

Two Toned Pigtails

If you are into pigtails, then maybe coloring them in different colors is a fun idea that will surprise all of your friends and if you are not sure just use a temporary color.

Angled Bob

An angled bob can look great on almost anyone, especially if you combine with the two-toned method for the best results.


Michaela Clement